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STMA & IRR Annex I                                                                                                     Annex II Annex III




NSC-STMCom Resolution 7 NSC-STMCom Resolution 6 MC 23-12: Guidelines for Third Party Acting as Exporter on Record (EOR) to Export Strategic Goods MC 23-06: Individual Export Authorization for the Export of “Servomotor” Pursuant to Section 11 of the STMA MC 22-13: Guidelines on the Use of General Authorization MC 22-17: Guidelines on Technology Control Plan (TCP) MC 22-16: Guidelines on Compliance Checks MC 22-05: Guidelines on Non-Strategic Good Certificate Repealing DTI Memorandum Circular No. 20-03 S.2020 MC 22-04: Revised Guidelines on Export Clearance, Amending MC 20-47 MC 22-02: Revised Guidelines on STMA Authorization Exemption MC 21-42: Guidelines on Administrative Proceedings and Imposition of Administrative Fines and Penalties MC 21-40: Guidelines on STMO Registration for Export of Strategic Goods and Covered Persons under MC 21-06 and 21-37 MC 21-39: Guidelines on Voluntary Self-Disclosure MC 21-37: Guidelines on Application of Export, Transit, Transshipment and Import of Goods under NSGL Annex III or Nationally Controlled Goods MC 21-35: Guidelines on End-Use or Catch-All Controls MC 21-27: Lifting of the Temporary Suspension of Administrative Penalties Under the Strategic Trade Management Act Effective 01 January 2022 MC 20-60:  Guidelines on Warning Letters and Orders for Corrective Action                                           MC 21-16: Guidelines on Record Keeping for STMO Authorization Holders                                              MC 21-10: Guidelines on Commodity Classification                                      MC 21-06: Implementation of Financing and Brokering under RA 10697 Guideline to Filling-out the Export Individual Authorization Form with Sample MC 20-13: List of Prohibited End-Users MC 20-47: Guidelines on Export Clearance MC 20-45: Guidelines on ICP Pre-authorization Audit MC 20-26: Guidelines on Export Authorization MC 20-27: Suspension of Penalties Guidelines on Strategic Trade Management Registration Amendment on STMA Registration Guidelines DAO 19-07 re: Guidance on the Implementation of the STMA NSC-STMCom Resolution 04 NSC-STMCom Resolution 03                                                                    NSC-STMCom Resolution 02 NSC-STMCom Resolution 01