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Strategic Trade Registration and Authorization Division

Implement registration and authorization strategies, policies and guidelines formulated by the NSC-STMCom on the trade of strategic goods and other related matters pertaining to national security, non-proliferation, foreign policy, national defense and strategic industrial resource functions. Carry out policy actions re authorization, governmental end-use assurance and registration application reviews, commodity classifications, authorization determination and advisory opinions for strategic commodities. Determine suitability of consignees and conduct analysis to determine the reliability and diversion risk potential of recipients of strategic goods and related services. Implement national unilateral controls to ensure that trade with strategic goods is consistent with national security goals on human rights, crimes control, anti-terrorism and regional stability. Establish and maintain a comprehensive database system on strategic goods and on persons engaged in strategic trade.

Strategic Trade Policy and Enterprise Relations Division

Coordinate with industry, other government agencies and the public regarding their obligation under the STMA such as counselling business community on strategic policies and procedures and conducting seminars. Manage the information and education campaign (IEC) program on strategic trade management laws and regulations and maintain effective and efficient media relations. Assist in the set-up of Internal Compliance Programs for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs). Conduct studies on the economic impact of strategic management efforts on key sectors in the Philippine industrial base and recommend policies to improve registration and authorization and activities of strategic goods. Coordinate, together with DTI ISMS and KMIS, with appropriate agencies in the development of ICT plan for the automation of various systems and processes of the whole Office. Facilitate international cooperation and exchange of information/ assistance.

Strategic Trade Investigation and Compliance Division

Oversee enforcement activities on trade of strategic goods and provision of related services in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies. Provide support to the Strategic Trade Registration and Authorization Division in the review of registration, authorization and end use assurance applications. Conduct compliance visits, audits, inspections of suspected violations/ potential violators of government regulatory requirements and other enforcement activities on administrative cases. Recommends disposition of cases and coordinates with other enforcement agencies on investigative activities and seizure of goods. Conduct checks on persons for registration and authorization purposes including pre-authorization and post-shipment checks.